putting the flow back in workflow

mello is the simplest way for managers to prevent employee burnout & retain top talent, inspiring highly effective and motivated teams.

What mello can do for your team

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Incorporate Wellbeing into your Workflow

Set goals to prevent burnout as a team, and hold each other accountable. Meaningful team wellness check-ins are seamlessly incorporated into existing workflows.

Reward Action

Engage employees with points and prizes for completing wellbeing goals. Foster a team culture where work, play and wellbeing come together to improve employee satisfaction.

Lead with Confidence

Get a pulse on not only WHO is experiencing burnout but WHY they are facing it. Gain the insight you need to improve your team’s microculture and create lasting change.

How managers mello their workflows

verb: The act of making workflows sustainable and effective
Picture of Karin Underwood, CEO of Verano Health

" mello is just the tool I need to take a pulse check on my team’s mental health and wellbeing. My favorite part is that the slack integration makes it easy as pie- it lives right where our team is, with no extra fuss. "

Karin Underwood
CEO, Verano Health

" As a founder and leader of diverse teams, I've seen first-hand how burnout can disproportionately impact employees – especially employees from underrepresented backgrounds. That's why we wanted to adopt mello from day-one. We’ve been a fan ever since. "

James Murray
CEO, Therify

" My favorite part about using mello is being able to take much needed time to reflect on how my past week has been. The experience has been buttery smooth. "

Joshua Clubb
Customer Success, Venngage

" When a company invests in mello, it shows that they want to take care of their employees. One of the previous workplace where I was with really burnt out their employees—that’s why many of us left. mello helps companies make a long-term commitment to employee wellbeing. "

Diego De Carlo
QA Manager, eSSENTIAL Accessibility

" mello is perfect for us because it provides a comfortable, informal way for the team to feel heard and stay healthy while being low-lift for me to manage. "

Madeleine Nguyen
CEO, Talentdrop

" I like how mello check-ins only take 2-3 minutes— it helps me take a step back and reflect on my week. I love how mello is hosted on Slack and the app works great! "

Bill Tran
Information Designer, Venngage

" With the recent shift to a virtual working environment, having the tools to measure and support our team members is a top-priority. mello simplifies that in a non invasive way, to enable our People Experience teams to drive work life balances that support mental health stability for our employees. "

Laura Goodridge
Head of People Experience at eSSENTIAL Accessibility
A product experience as unique as your team
Customize your mello experience anytime by adding team habits you want to form to improve wellbeing and workflow.
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