Picture of Karin Underwood, CEO of Verano Health

" mello is just the tool I need to take a pulse check on my team’s mental health and wellbeing. My favorite part is that the slack integration makes it easy as pie- it lives right where our team is, with no extra fuss. "

Karin Underwood
CEO, Verano Health

" As a founder and leader of diverse teams, I've seen first-hand how burnout can disproportionately impact employees – especially employees from underrepresented backgrounds. That's why we wanted to adopt mello from day-one. We’ve been a fan ever since. "

James Murray
CEO, Therify

" My favorite part about using mello is being able to take much needed time to reflect on how my past week has been. The experience has been buttery smooth. "

Joshua Clubb
Customer Success, Venngage

" When a company invests in mello, it shows that they want to take care of their employees. One of the previous workplace where I was with really burnt out their employees—that’s why many of us left. mello helps companies make a long-term commitment to employee wellbeing. "

Diego De Carlo
QA Manager, eSSENTIAL Accessibility

" mello is perfect for us because it provides a comfortable, informal way for the team to feel heard and stay healthy while being low-lift for me to manage. "

Madeleine Nguyen
CEO, Talentdrop

" I like how mello check-ins only take 2-3 minutes— it helps me take a step back and reflect on my week. I love how mello is hosted on Slack and the app works great! "

Bill Tran
Information Designer, Venngage

" With the recent shift to a virtual working environment, having the tools to measure and support our team members is a top-priority. mello simplifies that in a non invasive way, to enable our People Experience teams to drive work life balances that support mental health stability for our employees. "

Laura Goodridge
Head of People Experience at eSSENTIAL Accessibility